The Erdős Institute
Academic Entrepreneurship

Our Story and Purpose

Founded in January 2017 by a team of scholars from public and private academic institutions, the Erdős Institute is a collaborative research institute with business development teams and alliances with angel investors and venture capital firms.

As leaders of various collaborative interdisciplinary initiatives, we are passionate about building a diverse community of innovative and entrepreneurial academics. We understand the importance of cultivating strong working relationships and connecting talent to resources and opportunities across public and private sectors.

By sharing our collaboration tools, programming, and our multi-institutional network of world-class resources, we:

  • Facilitate a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration within academia
  • Foster collaborations between academics and industry partners
  • Strengthen our job creation and innovation ecosystems

Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated Universities

Supported by

The Ohio State University Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University Office of Business and Finance
The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences